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Hi there, I'm Suné Nadine. I'm a design and animation director, on a mission to bring brands, start-ups and stories to the people whose lives will be changed by them. It's an intriguing journey to discover the best route of transporting an idea from an entrepreneur to an individual in need of a solution. Turns out that having motion design, illustration and conceptual skills are useful tools for the job. For an idea to be embraced means bringing the head and the heart onto the same page. Let's find that sweet spot and share it.

When I'm not nerding out over exquisite photoshop brushes or the joy of a frame-by-frame animation plug-in, I'm daydreaming with my musician and web-developer husband about getting a dog (done!) - and garden for said dog (also done!) - and enjoying God's infinite creativity.

An award-winning animator and designer with more than 7 years industry experience, Suné Nadine has a keen instinct for what makes brands thrive. Having worked with global brands such as National Geographic, Disney, and Unicef, Suné has made her mark and takes pride in each project that comes under her eye, whether big or small.

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